Ticket Kataao FAQ

Getting Started»

Ticket Kataao is a crowd sourced advertising platform that redistributes advertising revenues amongst individual drivers based on how visible their car is – this is determined by mileage, location, speed, time of day as well as other metrics. This supplements the income of ordinary drivers since Ticket Kataao pays drivers for something they are already doing – driving around to meet daily errands, dropping the kids to school, commuting to the office, grabbing groceries etc.

  • Car registration / proof of ownership
  • Valid driving license
  • Frequent driver with high mileage in preferred zones

Your pay out depends on where and when you drive. Ticket Kataao pays on a per km basis up till the required daily/monthly mileage, once that threshold is crossed, drivers are eligible for the lump sum assigned to their car model. Factors determining the amount a driver may earn include whether the level of wrap coverage is full or partial. Typically, a small car owner with full wrap coverage that fulfils the mileage requirements will receive Rs. 15,000/, while sedan owners get to rake in Rs. 20,000/- Rs per month.

On monthly basis through direct deposit to your bank account. Our representative will contact you with the details once you’re selected for a campaign.

Absolutely. We would never want you to display an advert that you are not comfortable or happy with. You get to choose the campaign with which to brand your car based on available campaigns in your area.

About Campaign Offers»

Advertising campaigns will consist of vinyl stickers specifically designed for use on cars.We arrange for you to get them fitted with one of our local partners.

Preferably recent car models or cars in good condition. This implies minimal body damage and a preference for factory original paint.

Yes. Completely, unapologetically free.

You must complete a minimum of 300 kilometres on the road for us to start suggesting you campaigns. Tracking your driving patterns help us pair you with the right advertisers. Campaign availability is based on where our advertisers are choosing to specifically run their campaigns, once they become available in your area you can select your preference through the Ticket Kataao App (Downlaod Ticket Kataao App from Google Playstore).

The amount of campaigns is entirely dependent on how many advertisers want to run their campaigns along the routes you frequent. There could be several campaigns running in the same area all with different advertisers.

Drivers are expected to complete a minimum number of miles on preferred routes depending on the campaign. Drivers with a record of high mileage are preferred.

It depends on the amount of coverage you opt for. Partial wraps take up to 2 hours, while a full car wrap can take up to 6 hours to be installed (but usually less time consuming). We have a free car replacement service for the duration of this process. Business as usual.

Our campaigns run anywhere between 1- 6 months. The longer the campaign duration the higher the payout.

Fill out the signup form on this website for drivers and download the app to be on your way to earning extra cash in no time. Fill out the profile and tell us about your brand preferences. Turn on the app, drive and complete the minimum number of kilometers to become eligible for campaigns in your vicinity. Once you select a campaign, we wrap your car and you begin to make extra cash for keeping up with your daily routine.

You will only be paid for the mileage you drive in the specified zone for a campaign.