TICKET KATAAO COMMUNITY Ticket Kataao’s core values revolve around social responsibility, engagement and economic wellbeing. As such, it is actively involved in supporting innovative, sustainable and high impact initiatives that conform to its vision of inspiring and promoting a more prosperous world through engaging crowdsourced platforms.

Our business model already involves the distribution of incomes to all our ambassadrivers. Ticket Kataao distributes a superior percentage of revenue within the community than typical international donor funded development projects. Moreover, from its very inception, Ticket Kataao has been supporting two initiatives: one aimed at providing modern education to the poor and the other at assisting disabled communities in Pakistan.

Banyan is an educational venture with its roots in Kasur that intends to create a sustainable educational model through technology where teacher involvement is minimized and values of self-reliance and collaboration are instilled for the provision of quality education at a low cost in rural areas. After a successful first year, Banyan is increasing its student capacity from 32 to 60 students of 5-7 years of age.

Starfish is an initiative to connect needy disabled people with donors in an easy, transparent and efficient manner. Some of the most inspiring stories of strength, courage, determination and hard work emanate from this community of people that is proud to earn its own keep. Over and above assisting the disabled, Starfish also intends to inspire the general population with heroic life stories of those without limbs – those who refuse to give up despite the harshest circumstances.

Ticket Kataao understands that it has the unique opportunity to change the urban landscape and is committed to doing so in an aesthetically soothing and appealing way. Ticket Kataao resolves to continue innovating and playing a leading role in welfare activities for the communities it works with.