Help your brand arrive

Introducing Ticket Kataao We work with you, the advertiser, to help your brand arrive on the roads.

We help your brand arrive, on the road, where your audience is. Be seen at the most sought after locations through Ticket Kataao's nationwide fleet of qualified drivers and their well maintained vehicles. We provide a physical solution to your digital advertising needs in an easy, efficient and accurate manner by putting your brand on GPS tracked cars. You also gain access to a state of the art analytical dashboard that helps you track the impact your campaigns are making in real time.

Why Ticket Kataao

  • One Platform
  • Utilize our intuitive advertiser dashboard that enables you to create, track, manage and scale your campaign across the country in multiple locations.
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • We incorporate the highest impact strategies in designing the wraps representing your brand. Encapsulating beauty in a striking manner whilst getting the message across is an art form to Ticket Kataao. Then we wrap the selected cars with vinyl branding to really make an impression.
  • Precise Targeting
  • We enable you to place your brand where you want it. You can select an entire city or a specific part of town. The Ticket Kataao platform locates the right drivers for your campaign and wraps their cars in the design(s) you approve.
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Ticket Kataao doesn't just provide your brand with a unique advertising platform; the drivers that wrap your brand around their cars are also effective brand ambassadors for you. We vet all of our drivers, and strive to provide drivers already appreciative of your brand. They know, love and support your brand that empowers you with unprecedented brand loyalty extending to the entire household. Brand ambassadors make a valiant effort to promote your brand whenever possible.
  • Greater audience engagement
  • Viewers of your branded cars will associate with the shared economy concept your brand is supporting, creating a positive personalized impact. The ability to engage in such a personalized manner with a direct impact on quality of life is unique to advertising with Ticket Kataao.
  • The data
  • The Ticket Kataao advertiser dashboard provides you granular data before, during and after your campaign goes live. You get to see where your campaign is going alongside its reach and impressions.
  • More bang for your buck
  • You always get more impressions than you pay for. Ticket Kataao promises you a monthly number of impressions in your zone of choosing, but invariably your brand will gain impressions and recognition where ever the car travels - whether inside or outside your specified zone.
  • CSR
  • Advertising with Ticket Kataao isn't just a smart decision, it's a responsible decision. We support the economic well being of regular Pakistanis by redistributing revenues to regular drivers, thereby supplementing their income. Choosing Ticket Kataao means your brand supports the uplift of the common Pakistani and wants Pakistanis to thrive while they drive.


  • Recruit and Screen
  • Our drivers must meet stringent requirements: legal driving license, registered vehicle, clean driving and criminal record, must drive a lot, must drive a recent model car and last but not least must demonstrate a preference for your brand.
  • Wrap
  • Once drivers are approved we wrap their cars, install GPS systems and get them out on the road.
  • Drive
  • After the cars get wrapped, drivers go about their daily routine as ambassadors for your brand, working around the clock to promote your brand and to spread your message.
  • Monitor Analytics
  • Whilst your branded cars are on the road, we collect and provide you real time information on our state of the art analytics dashboard.

Ticket Kataao Analytics

Ticket Kataao’s plan is to enhance audience measurement by employing a blend of standardized sources for vehicular data augmented through multiple data sources. The information will cover millions of miles of roadway, include volume and congestion by time of day and vehicular occupancy, measure of pedestrian volume, new eye tracking research and advanced audience profiling.

  • Real Time analytics
  • You will have access to real time analytics including impression data, mileage, and regular routes.
  • Real Impressions
  • Other advertising mediums tend to opt for quantity. Ticket Kataao combines quantity and quality – impressions that make a deeper impact due to the engaging nature of our medium.
  • New Audience
  • Cars are able to traverse the urban landscape and take your brand to areas it had never dared to venture. Billboards are stationary whilst public buses travel on fixed routes. As such, Ticket Kataao gets you unprecedented exposure where no other medium can reach.
  • Historical data
  • Driver data is analyzed to ensure the most suitable drivers. Favorable areas and strategies are adopted for each campaign. Furthermore, data from ongoing campaigns allow you to refine and gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Services and Support
  • Ticket Kataao’s operations, customer service and support functions provide your drivers with on-boarding, configuration support, trouble shooting, billing and more.
  • Quality fleet management
  • Managing a large fleet of vehicles and their drivers isn’t easy. We ensure that your fleet receives the best motivation, incentives, feedback and regular/random tests so your brand is displayed on the best cars with the happiest drivers.
  • Full vs Partial Option
  • Fully branded cars are a hallmark of Ticket Kataao as this allows our creative team to formulate the most effective background colors and graphics for the most effective campaign. Partially branded car option gives you presence on the road at an affordable price and can be quite eye catching if executed right.

Ticket Kataao Potential The efficacy of motion advertisement is well established throughout Europe and North America. The numbers are rarely this compelling.

  • Name recognition 15 times greater than anything else available!
  • Mobile billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107%!
  • 96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective
  • Recall rate for motion advertisement is 97%
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