Thrive while you drive

WHO WE ARE Make money from branding your car with advertising. Get paid for something you are already doing- driving around in your car. Be part of a revolution in shared economy without turning into a taxi driver.

HOW YOU CAN EARN Drivers can follow these simple steps to start earning with Ticket Kataao:

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Answer some simple questions about who you are, what you drive and where you drive it to Qualify

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Get to see the most sought after zones in your vicinity alongside your driving data, live earnings, active campaign selection, notifications for flash mobs and more.

Drive, Track & Earn

Simply drive your wrapped car around like before; track your earnings and performance on the App. Utilise Ticket Kataao's free tracking facilities to mitigate car theft.

The Look

How much you can make Take a look at how much you can make by driving for ticket kataao

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